Episode 7 (Part 2) – How the Bedford Borough Early Help Team support ‘The Forgotten Population’

Let’s rejoin the conversation and continue to hear about the SWITCH Program where  Dawn Bere, Post 16 Personal Adviser & Enhanced Evidence-Based Practitioner and Christopher Allan – Early Help Professional at Bedford Borough talk with two of their service users, Georgia and Stephen about  ‘The Forgotten Population’ – young people who are not in education, employment or training (or NEET for short). Georgia and Stephen give very frank accounts of how they were supported by Dawn and Christopher’s team within the SWITCH project – a project designed to provide targeted support to NEET young people.

The risks associated with being a NEET young person is significant in terms of developing mental health difficulties and falling by the wayside in society with increased risk of getting into crime, drugs and gang violence. Come listen to the work that is happening in Bedford.