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Episode 45 – Living with Dyspraxia

In this episode, young people Madie, Zoe & Zawad join trainee clinical psychologist Leighton and host Marianne, to deep dive into the topic of Dyspraxia. They share their unique experiences with discovering their diagnosis and take us on a personal journey of understanding how Dyspraxia affects their daily lives. Some of them had their diagnoses quite recently and talk about advocating for their health when they saw the signs, it’s inspirational to hear how their diagnosis finally helped them make sense of their world and understanding themselves.

Episode 43 – Living Pride

In this podcast, our host Molly talks to young people Az and Ash, who are joined by CAMHS staff Sassie, Mack and Jay to reflect post-Pride month about what pride means to them. Listen in on the conversation as each person explores from their personal experience, their journey to PRIDE.

Gender dysphoria: a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. (NHS)

Gender euphoria: comfort/joy that happens when gender expression is aligned with identity.

Rainbow capitalism: when companies commercialise and claim to support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community (especially during Pride) mainly for profit and improved brand image.


Episode 42 – Talking about Self Harm and Scars

In this Podcast Marianne and Molly are joined by Young People Alex and Maiya, to discuss self harm, the misconceptions and how to take care of yourself. They are also joined by Bongi, a CAMHS nurse who offers their unique perspective. The podcast looks at defining self-harm in a subjective way and dispelling harmful rhetoric surrounding misconceptions. The young people offer their advice and resources they’ve found helpful. Below are some of the resources mentioned in the podcast: 
*TW*: This podcast may contain sensitive content, while we intend for our podcasts to be educational and insightful, our priority is your well being. If you feel overwhelmed by the content, please do take a break from listening in order to care for your well being.
Text “Reflect” to 85258 – if you’re feeling anxious, lonely, overwhelmed or not quite yourself – FREE and anonymous
The Butterfly Project – https://www.elysiumhealthcare.co.uk/butterflyproject/