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Episode 23 – Using virtual creative activities to manage mental health..

Throughout lockdown, Bedfordshire and Luton CAMHS have experimented with running groups virtually. One of the most successful formats has been virtual group creative sessions. These have built on the principles of art therapy and brought young people together to make art via Zoom. In this podcast, the staff and young people involved in a group that ran at the start of the year discuss how the sessions worked and what we got out of attending.

Episode 10 – Let’s talk therapy dogs..

In this episode, we’ll introduce you to Dr Charlotte Bolt and her co-therapist, Ruby (the dog!). this is a great opportunity to find out how animals can enhance treatment for some that struggle to manage with face to face therapy. Come listen as Dr Bolt takes us through how she and Ruby have developed the use of animals in treatment.

As a note, not all types of treatment mentioned in this episode are therapeutically appropriate in all cases and may not be available in your area.

Episode 4 – Let’s discuss Eating Disorders

In this episode, we offer you a great opportunity to listen in on a discussion between me, Mark Taylor, an Eating Disorders Nurse within CAMHS and a service user who reflects on her own experience of her recovery, her struggles and how she came to understand the mechanisms of the illness. You will also hear some great advice if you are a young person who is struggling with eating or a carer looking after someone who is. It’s rare that you hear a young person share their story in such heartfelt detail, so sit back and have a listen..

For additional help, you can click on the link below and access the wealth of resources that are offered by Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity

BEAT Eating Disorders.